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Innovative Collaboration Responds To President Obama's Initiative on Educational Excellence For African Americans

Harvard Law School Alumni - Hill Harper, Raye Mitchell and Lisa Jones Johnson - Launch The M.B.A. Series(TM) Mentoring and Training Program to Support African American Youth

-- On Wednesday, July 26, 2012 President Obama signed an Executive Order to improve outcomes and advance educational opportunities for African Americans. The Initiative aims to ensure that all African American students receive an education that fully prepares them for high school graduation, college completion, and productive careers. --

Oakland, CA (August 23, 2012) -- In keeping with the President's initiative, three Harvard Law School alumni launched The M.B.A. Series(TM) - a new collaborative mentoring and training program to support African American youth. The M.B.A. Series (M.B.A. stands for Motivated Brilliant Achievers) is a multi-platform series that provides youth, ages 8 to 18+, with leading edge, inspirational and motivational advice and counsel bolstered with specific hard skills and technical skills development in leadership. Please visitwww.TheMBASeries.org and www.facebook.com/TheMBASeries to learn more about the project, join the mailing list, or volunteer.

The M.B.A. Series is a collaborative effort of three Harvard Law School alumni and their respective non-profit foundations: Hill Harper, actor and NY Times best-selling author, and CEO and founder of MANifest Your Destiny; Raye Mitchell, published author, entertainment attorney and Chief Social Entrepreneur and founder of The New Reality Foundation and its G.U.R.L.S. Rock Global Leadership Training Program for girls and girls of color; and Lisa Jones Johnson, author, highly accomplished Entertainment Industry Executive, CEO of the NextGen Media Group, former USC Law School Adjunct Professor, and founder of The Micro Learning Centers of America, Inc., which has launched a unique approach to elementary education targeting African American boys K-5.

The M.B.A. Series is intended to go beyond motivational speeches and writings to develop a platform based on preparing youth of color to be competent, highly-skilled, and competitive global leaders and leaders of change. The project seeks to build on the groundbreaking and highly acclaimed works of author Hill Harper in his literary offeringsLetter to a Young Brother: MANifest Your Destiny and Letters to a Young Sister: Define Your Destiny.

The program exists to close the "access gap" for African American youth, allowing them to gain access to inside tips, high-level skills development, mentor advice, and success strategies to enable them to grow ahead of the curve and develop as global leaders. The project is intended to move the next generation of leaders from inspirational-based messages to skill-based engagement.

Raye Mitchell, CEO and founder of The G.U.R.L.S. Rock Global Leadership Program, commented, "I am thrilled to support President Obama's vision by working with Hill Harper and Lisa Jones Johnson to raise the bar in how we engage our youth of color, and to provide an intellectually rigorous, interesting and success-driven interactive learning program."

The G.U.R.L.S. Rock Global Leadership Program is a leadership-training initiative of The New Reality Foundation, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. As a Certified Social Impact Enterprise(TM), the G.U.R.L.S. Global Rock leadership model is diverse and inclusive, and is involved in closing the leadership-training gap for girls and girls of color by providing skills training to be SocialPreneures(TM), the initiators of solving the challenges in their lives, and local and global communities. To learn more about G.U.R.L.S. Rock, please visitwww.GurlsRock.org and www.fb.com/GurlsRockPower.

Manifest Your Destiny Foundation, is a non-profit youth organization established by Ivy League actor Hill Harper. Despite his many accolades and awards, or maybe because of them, Hill Harper made a commitment to work in service of our youth to pass along the lessons he learned and to provide a foundation for young men and women to use as a launching pad to success. Manifest Your Destiny provides underserved youth a path to empowerment and educational excellence through academic programming, college access skills, and personal development. For more details, visit www.ManifestYourDestiny.org

The MicroLearning Centers of America (MLC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to innovative educational alternatives designed to create leaders of the future for this country and the world. The academic centers are a hybrid between a charter school and a home school, and combine the individualized focus of a home school with the best of traditional classroom teaching to provide an academically enriched environment where children have no limits on how far they can excel. MLC has created an innovative program, which is a hybrid between a home school and a charter school and is designed to provide a concrete solution to the crisis in education faced by many of our young men and boys. For more details, visit www.MicroLearningFoundation.org


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