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Pittsburgh Urban Media Goes One on One with WTAE'S Anchor/Reporter Andrew Stockey

Andrew Stockey is the anchor of WTAE Channel 4 Action News weekdays at  5 p.m., 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. For nearly a decade, he was the Channel 4 Action Sports director.
A Chicago native, Stockey grew up in Simsbury, Conn., and graduated from Ohio University's Honors Tutorial College. He made stops at Fox News and ESPN before starting at WTAE-TV in March 1995

PUM: You have made your home in Pittsburgh since 1995--wow, did you ever think
you would hang out so long? You seem to still have that Chicago swagger...
STOCKEY: Well, I did most of my growing up in the small town of Simsbury, CT. I really
never thought I would be here more that two of three years. As I have said many
times before, if you find a place where you fit than why go anywhere else. I'm
glad this is my home and it will be sad if I ever leave.
PUM:  Working in the news business you are always in the public eye--it comes with
the territory, but is it something you just get use to?   
STOCKEY:  To be honest, I never feel strange about being in the public eye and people
recognizing me. They are very kind and cordial and complementary no matter where
I go around town and around the region. I guess I never think of the thousands
of people watching every night. Most of the time, I'm worried about my
co-anchors Wendy and Michelle think than the viewing audience because they love
to pick on me.
PUM:  It's no secret that you love golf, what do you enjoy most about the game? Are
you a serious competitor? Any thoughts about Tiger?
STOCKEY:  I do love golf, but I find that I play less because I have less time and I have recently gotten serious about competitive running and taking part in half
marathons. Golf, for me, is just fun. As for Tiger, clearly he has some issues
in his personal life but that does not make him any less a great golfer or takes
away from his place in history. He needs to apologize and make amends with his
wife, not the public.
PUM:  You are one of the few African Americans anchoring a prime time newscast, at
a time when newsrooms continue to cut Black Journalists what is it about you
that gives you the staying power in this industry?
STOCKEY:  I don't know if its necessarily a black or white issue. The truth is people with
years of experience are losing jobs because of the economy and the rapidly
changing technology in this business. The way I have managed to survive and
thrive at channel 4 is that I am constantly evolving. I started as a
sportscaster and became a news anchor. I used to do 5, 6 & 11pm. Now, in
addition, I blog and tweet and post on Facebook. I have always been willing to
do what the business demands and never said no when I'm asked to adopt new
PUM: It has been reported that you consider the shooting of the three Pittsburgh
Police officers in Stanton Heights in April of 2009 the most important story you
have covered-why is that the case?
STOCKEY:  I think it's because I was there to witness this tragedy unfold on a cold April
morning. When I arrived I could hear the gunfire between Richard Poplawski and
the police force. It was emotional, it was tragic and it made me understand this
bond which police officers have with one another. Also, to see the community and
the country react to the shootings was amazing. It's just a memory that stays
with me ... and always will.
PUM:  You are very active in charities throughout the city--are you fond of any one
in particular? Why?
STOCKEY:  It's so hard to pick one, but if there is an event which has touched my heart its
the Komen Race for the Cure. The mother's day run/walk leads the fight against
breast cancer. While breast cancer has touched my family, it's the emotion and
the stories of the other women and their battles that has inspired me. After 13
years of being involved, I can see the difference. More survivors and more women
getting mammograms. Plus, there is no better way to tell you mother "I love you"
on Mother's day than spending it with her at Schenley Park.
PUM:  You have a strong background in sports, do you miss covering sports full
STOCKEY:  At times. When the Pens are in the playoffs, or the Steelers are in the Super
Bowl, I get that itch. Friday nights, it's hard to sit on the set and watch as
someone else does high school football highlights after doing them for so long.
Then again, I never liked training camp. Then again, in this town sports is news
and I think we cover the big sports stories in our news blocks so I still get to
use some of my sports background.
PUM: Life outside the newsroom, what does that look like for you?
STOCKEY:  These days, it's a lot of running. I finished my fifth half marathon in Atlanta
in March. I love to run and usually do 6-7 miles every other day ... and I'm
getting in shape for the Pittsburgh marathon though I just hope to finish. I
spend a lot of time speaking and doing charitable events ... but to be honest,
I'm a bit of a workaholic and frankly consider Saturday my one day to go out and
have fun and sample bits of the Pittsburgh nightlife.
PUM:  And in your free time, what's up?
STOCKEY:  Free time? I wish I had some. I must admit as the years goes on and the business
changes, I find I have less and less free time but I love what I do and often
don't mind working extra hours. This job is my fun and the day it's not, its time
to do something else.

"Its been almost a day and a half since the Pittsburgh marathon and I still can’t believe it. I can’t believe that I ran 26.2 miles in the rain … and finished. I can’t believe so many people have been so kind in their comments, praise and support. I really can’t believe that I am able to walk today...."

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Andrew Stockey
News Anchor/Reporter
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